Minimalist and Clean Design: Embracing Simplicity in 2023

In the ever-evolving world of web design, trends come and go, but one aesthetic approach continues to stand the test of time: minimalist and clean design. With each passing year, simplicity becomes increasingly prominent, and in 2023, it has solidified its place as a powerful design philosophy. Embracing minimalism allows websites to create impactful experiences […]

Google Algorithm update May 2021: Page Experience – What You Need to know

Google algorithm update

A Focus on Page Experience: What You Need to Know About the New Google Algorithm Update In May 2021 we’re going to see yet another Google algorithm update. The good news is that this time Google has warned us about its update so that we can effectively prepare for it and maintain site traffic. The […]

8 Incredible, FREE Digital Tools

8 Incredible, FREE Digital Tools to Simplify Your Digital Projects No business is exempt from the pressure of having to constantly come up with new and improved digital content to maintain relevancy, communicate with team members, and entice new, potential customers. Luckily we live in an age where we have an overabundance of digital tools […]

Importance Of The Latest PHP Version

Did you know that PHP is the #1 choice of scripting language for 78% of websites that make use of a server-side programming language? Contrary to some public opinion, PHP still plays an essential role when it comes to site building, and WordPress in particular. According to WordPress’s official website, all WordPress sites require a version of […]

Why it’s Important to Maintain Your Website

Why it’s Important to Maintain Your Website Once you have created an epic website, it can be tempting to just forget about it and hope that it creates leads on its own but its important that you maintain your website regularly. But unfortunately, that’s not how websites work. A website should be treated somewhat as […]

Importance of having an SSL Certificate on your Website

An SSL certificate is a secure socket layer, while an SSL Certificate is what is used to create an SSL encryption to securely connect to a web server. You may have heard these terms before and be wondering what is so important about having an SSL Certificate on your website. That’s where we come in. […]