Search engine optimization in 2016 has not changed much when it comes to the basics and googles on going focus for great content been king.

However search engine optimization has taken a turn on several new trends below are the some of my focus points for our clients we are optimizing for search engine optimization.

Mobile optimization for SEO

Make sure your website is mobile friendly, every SEO enthusiast will confirm mobile compatible websites this year are top on the lists. They preferred by google in the effort to offering there users the best browsing experience. Article on mobile trends

Social focus for search engine optimization

Social content and relevance will be another focus point for the search engines in 2016. So make sure you have your platforms sharing content and your website. Try drive natural interest from your platforms to create discussion and sharing of your content. Article on Social SEO Importance

Videos to boost search engine traffic

Get creative with video or fall behind. In 2016 search engine specialists all touch on how important video has become. How it has very high potential to direct organic traffic to your website. This year more and more of your competitors are going to use this area of search engine optimization. The will increase traffic, awareness of the brand and products. So its important to look at producing a video that is interesting and inviting for more traffic to your website. Visit now and get your video up.

Local is lekker

This last one is so important this year and its simply keeping your content local, makes sure you are not extending yourself our side of your operating area stick to the local area and focus on content that clearly shows your operation location to feature when you keywords are a=used with your focus area. Use google maps to help you with this and verify your address. List your self now on